Serpent's Skull

A shocking experience

The heroes camped for the night beside the wreckage of an old ship. When they woke up the next morning, they became aware of another person in their midst – the AMAZING and TOTALLY EPIC Fijit… the 2’ tall gnome. Oh, and her pet ape George. Thotumal noticed him. Yep.

WELL, after they argued a bit (okay, a lot), the group decided to allow Fijit to come along on probation. The team followed the path of the two baddies they’d been stalking (creepy, I know) and came to a fork. Would they continue on into the jungle to follow their prey, or would they be super lame cowards and stay on the beach? After a ridiculously long argue session, they foorged into the jungle, Fijit leading the way with her superior perception.

As they trudged through the underbrush, the gang encountered two ghouls. So scary, I know. They did their fighting and killing thing, and eventually defeated the creepy floating ghost thingies.

They thought they were safe. Foolish mortals. Along came more enemies. I mean, come on. We can’t let them have a break, can we? No. So four shocker lizards (or Pikachus, depending on who you ask) popped out of the jungle and tried to defeat the weakened heroes. However, the five friends succeeded in slaying the creatures, and…

Yeah, that’s pretty much all anyone remembers. So there it is. Go away now. There’s no more to read.


the AMAZING and TOTALLY EPIC (and humble) Fijit :b

A shocking experience

Thotumal: Don’t forget, wee pixie, the time when you were stuck dangling in a tree and the Magical Fireman rescued you. Even Curious George squawked at you upside-down, thinking you had ‘gone native!’ HaHa! Then again, I was paralyzed for a while….

A shocking experience

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