Thotumal the 'Magical' Dungsweeper

Although not winning any points for personality, the Barbarian can't wait to get into a fight! His colleagues often refer to him more affectionately as "Smashy-Smashy."


Level 3 Barbarian (Apprentice):

STR: 18 (22 while Raging)
DEX: 16
CON: 16 (20 while Raging)
INT: 07
WIS: 08
CHA: 07

  • AC 17 (15 while Raging)
  • Touch 14, Never Flat-footed 16 (uncanny dodge)
  • HP: 45 (51 while Raging)
  • CMD: 20
  • BAB: 3

12 Rounds of Rage per day… :)

Attack: (-1 if Power Attack)
Handheld: Add 7 (+9 while raging) (+10 if using Greatclub – “Smashy-Smashy”)
Missile: Add 6

Damage: (Add 2 if Power Attack)
Greatclub: d10&6 (d10+9 while Raging two-handed!)
Heavy Mace: d8&4 (d8+6 while Raging) (d8+9 if two-handed!)
Javelin: d6+4 (d6+6 while Raging)

Xtra Secondary Gore Attack while Raging: Add 4; Damage: d8+3

Fortitude: Add 6 (Add 8 if poison)
Reflex: Add 4
Will: 0 (Add 2 while Raging; Add 4 if spell)

Add an additional 2 to saves for Poison, Spells, and Spell-like abilities (Adopted Hardy trait from Dwarven parents);
Beserker of the Society – Add 3 rounds of Rage per day (included in above total).

Dodge (included in AC);
Power Attack (-1 Attack, plus 2 Damage if used)

Acrobatics: Add 7
Craft: Add 2
Escape Artist: Add 3
Fly: Add 3
Intimidate: Add 4
Perception: Add 3 (Add 5 if Monkeys)
Ride: Add 7
Stealth: Add 3
Survival: Add 3
Swim: Add 8

Trap Sense: Bonus to AC & Reflex to avoid trap damage


Life is not a spectator sport.

Thotumal was rejected when born and left to die of exposure in the mountains. An eccentric dwarf couple took pity on him and raised him as their own, in spite of the inherent racial hatred for Orcs.

Noting his brute strength and lack of intelligence, Thotumal (or Smashy-Smashy as his parents nicknamed him) was initially given the task of sweeping out the refuse. However, after a surprise Orc attack, Thotumal’s heritage became too much baggage for his dwarven parents to handle.

Once again on his own, the ex-dungsweeper quickly found himself the brunt of society’s brutal sterotypes.

Having been adopted by dwarves, Thotumal gained the Hardy-ness of his adopted parents. Having endured countless harangues from antagonists throughout his formative years, Thotumal has also become very reactionary and tactless, often to his own detriment.

After experiencing the Life of Adventure, Thotumal has experienced the vicarious feeling of Magical ability come over him. To fit in with the rest of his fellow-adventurers, Thotumal spends an hour each day preparing his “spells.”

Personal Sayings:
“Me want to bash more little green leaf-men!!!”
“Me DO like to eat greens – big snakes!”
“I notice Monkeys”

Thotumal the 'Magical' Dungsweeper

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