Orian Burke



str 13
dex 14
con 13
int 18
wis 10
cha 10

fort 2
ref 3
will 3

initiative 6
cmb 2
cmd 14

force missile 1d4+1

scribe scroll

appraise 4
craft:fletching 10
craft:woodworking 10
fly 2
linguistics 9
spellcraft 12
k. arcana 9
k. nature 9
k. geography 9
stealth. 3
climb 1
diplomacy 2
perception 1
acrobatics 2


intense spells 1
bonded ring
school evocation
weak schools necromancy conjuration

ring of spell storing
metamagic rod (empower)
ring of force shield
wand of magic missile
staff of evocation
bag of holding
iuon stones (any)
horn of Valhalla
robe of the archmagi

Never a dull day. So I get invited to this feast on the ship. Great right? No, of course, the food is drugged or something like that and I wake up on a island jungle. as soon as I wake up, I’m fighting for my life.

But I’m starting in the middle, aren’t I? My name is Orian Burke. I grew up in the middle of nowhere with my parents and three brothers. My father was a carpenter and my oldest brother was a hunter. I helped both and learned some of there skills, for which I will be grateful for later. My brothers where something of idles to me as I was much the younger and they both were well thought of in the villages around us.

That all changed. One day my oldest brother sent me out to gather materials for a new bow. When I came back, there was nothing to come back to. Our village was burnt to the ground, everyone dead, there corpses hacked to pieces. I never found out what happened.

I had nothing, forced to scavenge a life for myself. I wandered about for longer then I can say. After many moons, I entered a small city and the mage-protector took me in. I haven’t the slightest what I did to be shown such a courtesy. Whenever I would ask, Master Arkantos would just say I had shown potential.

After a couple of years studying, I was ready to become a journeyman. With nothing but I couple of coins and my books, I set out to explore the world.

But, naturally, the first ship I get on gets wrecked. So I’m hear, on this island, with dinosaurs, cannibals, spiders the size of horses, and this…….thing! We haven’t got a good look at it, but it is huge! I’ve never heard of anything like it! Anyway we are stuck on this island, with no way of, that Thing, and none of us can agree on anything.

Its been a couple of days since the crash. we have set up a base camp and have explored a part of the island. this place… it doesnt feal right. something is… of. i cant say what. last night Ishiru showed us a map of the island. there was a place marked on it. He sayed that it was indicating a treasure. nothing better to do on this island, so might as well go for it.

We have set out for the treasure. cant go ten feet with out geting attacked by something. we are making are way south, but at a slow pace. lets hope for better in the morning.


Ok, so almose better. before sunup, a gnome of all things showed up in the camp. seems nice, but in this place looks can be misleading. have to see how this goes.


The gnome has been trustworthy so far and has stood by are side in combat. i trust her…for now. found the place on the map this morning. i got some iron wood to play with. going into the hole tomorrow lets so what we find.

Orian Burke

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