Serpent's Skull

Fine Young Cannibals

Bounty: 100 XP to the player that fills in this entry.

  • Got some loot
  • Heard some drums
  • Headed back to camp
  • Discovered raid and Sasha
  • Returned the favor
Treasure hunting

Eventually locating the place marked on Ishirou’s treasure map, our Heroes begin digging. Before the night is out, the shovels hit something more substantial than the sandy dirt they have been laboring in since. Pulling up planks of Iron Wood reveals not a treasure chest, but a dark tunnel leading strait down. Celdin, dropping a pebble into the tunnel hears an echoing “plop!”

On the trail

After healing from the fight with the lizards, the band of heros continue on the trail. After a LOT of walking they are attacked by a pack(?) of massive rats. a quick but heated battle is the result.

A shocking experience

The heroes camped for the night beside the wreckage of an old ship. When they woke up the next morning, they became aware of another person in their midst – the AMAZING and TOTALLY EPIC Fijit… the 2’ tall gnome. Oh, and her pet ape George. Thotumal noticed him. Yep.

Exploring the Shiv

Deciding to scout the area surrounding their base camp, the heroes set out on a southerly course. Not far from the camp, the are surprised as a large viper drops from a tree above landing on Thotumal. After a few tense moments, the snake is dealt with.

Establishing a base camp

After their encounter with the indigenous humans, the heroes decide that they need to establish a base camp. So, they double back to where the Jenivere wreck to attempt to scavenge additional supplies.


The heroes awake, sickened and sore, on a tropical beach. The last thing they remember is eating dinner aboard the Jenivere, a ship sailing south for Eleder.


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